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The broadcast is enabled as part of the lab configuration and may not be available in all events.

As an instructor, you have the added feature of being able to broadcast from any of your own system windows to the participants in your event.  This will cause a window to open on each participant's desktop, allowing them to view your lab system, as you demonstrate a key point.

In order to broadcast while in Full-Screen mode, the instructor will enter Full-Screen mode first, and select Broadcast after that. 

To start Broadcasting your system:

  1. From Lab Overview, click a thumbnail.  From the System drop-down, select Open.
  2. The desktop of the associated system with full system control displays. From the LabView HTML5 client menu, select Broadcast.
  3. The VM name will appear in the top left corner along with the text showing "(Broadcasting)"
  4. To stop Broadcasting your system:
    1. From the LabView HTML5 client menu, select Stop Broadcast.

Once you've stopped broadcasting your system it will no longer display the "(Broadcasting)" text in the top left corner. It will also close all students viewing that broadcast.

Share broadcast control with a student

The instructor may share control with a student if it's specifically their machine that is being broadcasted.

the following steps are available once a broadcast is already taking place

  1. While still viewing the specific students VM select the System button and then choose Share Control.
  2. The student will now have access to the VM.
  3. Simply go back to the System button and then select Release Control to halt the students access to the VM.
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