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System Checker = Syscheck = Check my Computer

Before your class begins, it is important that you check to see if your computer is ready to run the labs. Your confirmation email(s) will have provided you with a link to the System Checker.  Alternatively, if you know the region your event is being held in (there is a list of public data centers below) you may use the regional links. 

  • You do not have to be logged into the Web Portal in order to perform the System Checker. 
  • We recommend that you perform the System Checker at least one week before your class starts to ensure you have time to address any potential connectivity issues.  
  • The System Checker is useful if you suspect you have connectivity issues that may be related to your company firewall, or proxy server.

If you have difficulty performing the System Checker, or if you need help interpreting the results, go to TROUBLESHOOTING CONNECTIVITY.

For system requirements to use our labs, refer to MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS


If you are not logged into the system, click on one of the links below to test your system at anytime.  A sample result page is displayed below.

Data Center Location

System Checker

North America - West

North America - West System Checker

North America - East

North America - East System Checker


Europe System Checker

Asia Pacific

Asia - Pacific System Checker

If you are logged into the system, use the"Check my Computer" button, located in the upper left of the Training Schedule page.

  1. Click Check My Computer.

    Here is a sample result page after running System Checker.