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To assign users to an existing Instructor Led event:

  1. On the Mange Events page, click the link associated with the event that you want to edit.

    The Edit Event page displays.

  2. Select Assign Users.

    The Assign Users page is used to prepare the class list for Instructor Led Events:

  1. In each section, there are two ways to search for users and assign them to the event:
  2. If the option is enabled for your event, assign each user to the appropriate slot.
  3. After adding the appropriate number of instructor(s), assistant(s) and students(s), click Save

If you selected the wrong user, remove them by clicking



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Quick Find

To add users to your event using Quick Find:

  1. In the Quick Find field, start typing.
  2. From the list of possible matches, select a user.

You can add multiple users at one time by (CTRL + click), but you cannot exceed the total amount of users or the maximum number of event users allowed per role - these numbers are indicated at the top of the each user section.


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Find User(s)

To assign users to your event using the Find User(s) feature:

  1. Click Find User(s).
  2. The Assign Users dialog displays. The entire list of users is displayed. Navigate from page to page, filter the list by group, or enter search criteria.
  3. Select user(s) by checking the box(es) next to their name(s).
  4. Click Add.


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Email Event Summary

  1. Click Email Event Summary.
    The Email Event Summary dialog displays.
  2. In the Email field, enter the email address(es).
  3. Select a Timezone for event details to be displayed to email recipient(s).
  4. Click Email.

Email Event Summary is located on both the Assign Users page and the Events - Edit Event page.

Organization Email Footer Details must be provided in order to enable emails. If you receive a warning message that the footer details have not been provided, see Organizations.


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