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Update March 3, 2016

  • Clipboard feature enhancement - support for Console Redirect Windows systems (copy from local / paste to remote)
  • Content management enhancement - org support for event content pages

Update February 18, 2016

  • LabChat enhancement: chat may be enabled at the portal org level so that events in Org A may have chat enabled and events in Org B will not have chat.
  • Technical Support enhancement:  attach a screenshot and email cc.

Update January 28, 2016

Calendar file download:

  • Icon displayed to end-users assigned to self-paced and instructor led events.  And to schedulers (Manage Events).
  • Click on the icon to download the ICS file that will import to Outlook and Google Calendar.


Location names update:

  • Updated location names are displayed to schedulers managing events.
  • Updated location names are displayed to self-paced students, if multiple locations are enabled.

Update December, 2015

  • Portal performance tuning - training page and event management
  • Date selector for reserving self-paced sessions
  • Instructor class list - send email to all participants
  • Fix:  Keyboard losing focus typing in VM (Firefox, HTML5)
  • Fix:  Instructor typing in students VM while in View-Only Mode (HTML5)

Update October, 2015

Update September, 2015

  • Class List: link for instructor to Enter Lab as student (if student is not logged in).
  • Manage Events > Create New:  Select 'Start now' to begin provisioning immediately.
  • Manage Events > Email Event Summary:  Select event timezone for email recipient
  • Login screen updated

Update August 27, 2015 (Guacamole update)

  • Improved sound using Firefox (RDP/HTML5)

  • HTML5/RDP file transfer has changed.  See updated documentation here:  File Transfer

Update August 11, 2015 - notice to Java Applet users (incl. System Checker)

  • Update period: August 11 -13

  • Hatsize is updating gateways with a new Java application certificate.

  • Users that have previously connected to labs/Syscheck using the Java Applet will see a notice the next time they launch (either during the update period, or after the update period).  See example notice.

  • If presented with this notice, users will need to clear their browser cache to refresh for the new certificate.  To clear cache, first try refreshing the browser window, and if that doesn't work, clear the browser cache (see

  • Users that connect with an HTML5-enabled browser won't be affected by this update.

Update July 23, 2015

  • Enhancement to Manage Email Templates:  new 'shortcode' option to add [SYSCHECK_LINK] to instructor-led emails
  • Enhancement to Manage Events:  calendar view
  • Enhancement to Manage Events:  time zone selector added to the email event summary dialog box
  • Fix:  Students should only receive an email if the student start time has changed (not advanced instructor start)

Update July 9, 2015

Update June 5, 2015

  • Substitute first name with a customized training greeting

Update May 21, 2015

  • New feature - option to create new roles and customize permissions by role
  • New feature - LabView chat
  • New feature - customized portal theming by Organization (logo and color scheme)
  • New Reports - option to return data in specified timezone
  • New 'shortcode' option for Instructor-Led emails:  [USER_ROLE]
  • Fix deployed for shift key issues
  • Instructor Class List - now the Disconnect User link only shows when the user is logged in
  • Instructor Lab Overview - student logged in indicator (green icon for logged in)

Update April 16, 2015

  • Chrome version 42 will not support loading the Java applet.    The workaround for Chrome v42 users is to access labs using the HTML5 client instead.

  • We have updated our supported browser list here:  Web Browsers - Java - Proxies Supported
  • Syscheck will return a fail message to Chrome v42 users.  In addition, we will be taking the extra measure of returning an error message to Chrome v42 users who skip Syscheck and go directly to the Lab Overview page:

Update April 2, 2015

  • New Manage Users page.  Documentation available here:  Manage Users
  • New workflows:
  • Content Manager/Manager may disable users
  • Option to change some labels on Training Schedule page

Update March 26, 2015 (Guacamole update)

  • New 'shortcode' options for Instructor-Led emails:

    • [SCHEDULE] - Schedule contains the lab start/end, classroom start/end, and instructor advance start for instructors.
    • [ASSIGNED_USERS] - Assigned users contains the same assigned user information contained within the Event Summary email, including user passwords.
    • [LINKS] - Links contains the event links as seen on the training schedule
  • Generic monitor icon on the HTML5 browser tabs (replaces Tomcat/Guacamole icons)

Update March 17, 2015

  • Updated/enhanced System Access and Machine Commands.  System Control Menu items are enabled/disabled based on current state of the system and if VMware Tools is installed on the machine.  System controls are accessible from both:

Update March 5, 2015

  • New Manage Groups page
  • New Manage Organizations page.  Documentation available here:  Manage Organizations

Update February 26, 2015

  • Self-paced materials-only events are enabled.  (Instructor-led materials-only events are already available.)
  • Content managers can manage media with a new Dropbox integration to Word Press.

Update January 21, 2015 (Guacamole update)

  •  Fix for half thumbnails that were displayed to instructors in some cases.


  •  Notice to "Clear Your Cache".  Anyone who has logged in using HTML5 before (with browser cache enabled) will see a notice the next time they try to log into a VM.  To clear your cache, try refreshing browser window, and if that doesn't work, clear the browser cache (see

  • Pointer 'dot' enabled for machines using Console Redirect or RFB.  The dot represents the current location of cursor on the VM and the arrow hasn’t caught up yet. When connection is optimal you will not see much lag between the two.

Update January 15, 2015

  • New feature:  Bulk User Upload - replaces CSV Upload.  Documentation available here:  Manage Users - Import
  • Special characters enabled for user account passwords.
  • Two character first/last names enabled for user accounts.
  • Option for manager to force user to change password at next login. This feature is available via Edit Users page or via Bulk User Upload.  Documentation updated here Manage Users - Create New.

Update December 5, 2014

Update October 23, 2014

  • Option to embed PDF's into course materials (via Wordpress).  Browsers that do not support HMTL5 will use Java.
  • Use default org when scheduling a new ILT event.

Update October 9, 2014

  • New template manager page.
  • Option to enable protecting content/material that is created in the portal (via Wordpress).
  • Content manager can update template materials.




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