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After you select Enter Lab, the LabView interface displays your lab machine(s). The LabView interface page will open in a new tab/window.

You can perform the following actions on this page:

  1. Disconnect (house icon) - When clicked, will close the LabView interface.
  2. Access My Systems and Participant Systems - There are two methods of accessing the lab machine(s):
    • My Systems - Contains the 'thumbnail' view of the VMs associated with the instructor account.

    • Participant Systems – Contains the ‘thumbnail’ view of the lab environment and the controls for each system in the lab environment. The thumbnails for each system are generated by the infrastructure displayed. You do not have any control over the thumbnails themselves. 

  3. System Access and Machine Commands - Allows lab machines to be restarted / restored.
  4. Lab Chat - If displayed, allows participants to chat with instructor.  For more information see Lab Chat.


Note the activity monitor highlights active participant systems.

To access your systems, or participant systems via Lab Overview:

  1. Click on a thumbnail.
  2. Select View from the System drop-down.
  3. The desktop of the associated system with full system control displays

    in another browser window.  For more information on the client, click here.

In order to access participant Windows RDP systems, the participant must be logged into the system.

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