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  1. From Lab Overview, click a thumbnail.  From the System drop-down, select Open.
  2. Your system/device will be displayed in a new tab/window . Your system may require that you log  If so, enter the Username and Password provided in the course materials.
  3. In addition to your system/device, the LabView HTML5 client features a menu as seen below.

    The LabView menu is comprised of the following features that are available to both instructors and participants:

     4. Other features:

System/Device name

  • The name of the system to which you are currently attached is displayed on the left side of the screen. 
  • If the system name is followed by (View Only), you will be limited to viewing the system only.

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Time Left

  • Time remaining in lab

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On-Screen Keyboard

  1. To display the on-screen keyboard, select Show On-Screen Keyboard from the Keyboard drop-down.
  2. To hide the on-screen keyboard, select Hide On-Screen Keyboard from the Keyboard drop-down.

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Send Ctrl-Alt-Del

The Keyboard Menu allows you to send the Ctrl-Alt-Del key-press combination to reboot the lab machine. For example, on a Windows System, to send a Ctrl-Alt-Del key sequence you will need to use the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del option from the Keyboard drop-down.

Reboot commands are also available on the Lab Overview via the System  drop-down.

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Text to Clipboard

  • Use the Text to Clipboard function to copy clipboard items from the remote lab system to your local machine's clipboard. 

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Change Resolution

If the option is available, you can change the screen resolution of your system/device from default to something else:

  1. Select Change Resolution from the System drop-down to view resolution options available for your system/device.
  2. Select the new resolution you wish to use.
  3. Click Select to save your change.

Changing your screen resolution will force a log off and reconnect to your system/device. 

Be sure your work has been saved BEFORE changing screen resolution.  


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  • Clicking the Close button at the top right of the window will close your connection to this lab system.
  • For Instructor-Led events, the lab system will remain open and running until the conclusion of the event.
  • For a Self-Paced labs, you will be shown a warning message regarding your lab, depending upon the configuration settings for the labSee more here Self-Paced - End Lab.

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