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This feature can ONLY be enabled when using no state-save or single state-save. This feature is no applicable when using multiple state-saves

You can reserve labs that are scheduled to start in the future. You must reserve a time slot before you can access these labs.

To Reserve a lab:

  1. On the Training Schedule page, click Open Course on the Dynamic event.
  2. Near the bottom of the page click on Reserve Lab. There will be a window that pops up
    1. Enter a start date and time.
    2. Enter a duration.
    3. Select a location.
    4. Click Reserve
  3. Your lab is now reserved. You will now see the date along with start times within the Lab Reservations section.
  4. As you can see to the right side there is the Trash Can. If you're to click on that it will bring up a prompt confirming the cancellation of the reservation.