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StateSaveTM is enabled as part of the lab configuration and may not be available in all labs.  Contact your account manager if you would like to enable StateSaves.

Manage StateSaves from this page.

  1. On the Training Schedule page click Open Course.
  2. On the Lab Access page all the StateSave slots will be displayed
  3. The list displays all past StateSaves, starting with the most recently saved.  If you recently ended your session the most recent StateSave will be saving.  Please be patient while it completes saving.
  4. Click the pencil icon to rename the StateSave.

  5. Click the trash can icon, to delete the StateSave and your work on that date will be lost.

If the StateSave status is "Unavailable", that means there was an issue with that session.  Please contact Regional or Technical Support.

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