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You can assign users and groups to templates.

  1. On the Manage Templates page, select the Template Name link of the template you wish to edit.

  2. Select Access.

    The Edit Access page is used to add new, or edit existing users and groups:

  1. In each section, there are two ways to search for users and assign them to the event:
  2. After adding the required group(s) and/or user(s), click Save.  If you chose to make additional changes, click Save again.

If you selected the wrong group or user, remove them by clicking


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Quick Find

To add groups or users, to your template using Quick Find:

  1. In the Quick Find field, start typing.
  2. From the list of possible matches, select a user.

You can add multiple groups/users at one time by (CTRL + click).


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Find Group(s) / Find User(s)

To add groups or users to your template using Find Group(s) / Find User(s) feature:

  1. Click Find Group(s) or Find User(s).
  2. A dialog displays the entire list available for selection. Navigate from page to page, or enter search criteria.
  3. Select the group(s) or user(s) by checking the box(es) next to the name(s).
  4. Click Add.


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