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To edit the template content:

  1. On the Manage Templates page, select the Template Name link of the template you wish to edit

  2. Select Edit Content.

  3. From here you can add Content types:


Materials enabled at the template-level will be displayed to:

To enable Materials:

  1. Select Edit Page.
  2. The WordPress Editor opens in a new tab/window.
  3. Enter your custom content. Embedded video links are supported.
  4. Click Update.
  5. To close the WordPress Editor, close the browser tab.


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The WordPress Editor has many editing options available to customize your message. For example, the ability to add links to access external web sources and to upload media (i.e. videos and images). For more information on editing WordPress pages, refer to

To create a link that will open in a new browser tab:

  1.  Select the link icon:

  2.  A URL popup will appear.  Click the cog icon.

3.  Enter the URL in the text box (can be external or internal (hosted in the portal WordPress instance).

4.  Enter the link text that will be displayed to users (can can be different than the UR).

5.  Click the checkbox beside "Open link in a new tab"

6.  Finally, click "Add Link" to save

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Self-Paced Exercises

Self-Paced Exercises enabled at the template-level will be displayed to self-paced students in a collapsible content panel.

Contact your site administrator if you would like to enable this area.

  1.  Click on Add Exercise to add the title of your first lab exercise.
  2. The TinyMCE Editor will appear.  Input information pertaining to the first lab exercise.

    TinyMCE features:

    Embed a video

    Send text string to the system

  3. Click the PREVIEW button to view the information in the content panel.  (You must Save your changes, first, in order to Preview)
  4. The Preview will open in a new browser tab.
    • This feature is intended for previewing the content panel only (the VM area on the right will not populate with the actual lab machines).
  5. The content panel is on the left.  The panel can be collapsed entirely or dragged to the right to increase the area.


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