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To edit a specific template:

On the Manage Templates page, select the Template Name link of the template you wish to edit.

The Template page displays. 

From here you can edit the template's configuration in five sections:

General and Lab

  1. Click Edit.  The fields become editable.
  2. After making your changes, click Save.
    Or, if you want to discard your modifications, click Cancel.

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To add a link to the template:

  1. Click Add.
    The Add Link dialog displays.
  2. Enter a Link Name.  The Link Name is visible to students and instructors as a button, so it should be short. 
  3. Enter a Link URL.

  4. Enter a Description.  The Description is visible to students and instructors, so it must be user-friendly.
  5. Choose Visibility from the drop-down.
  6. Enter a Start Day.
  7. Enter a Duration (in days)
  8. Click Add.  Once the Link has been added, you can Edit or Delete to the link as needed.


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  1. Click Edit
  2. Click Active checkbox
    • Assign a Certificate name in the Name field.  If left blank, the Certificate generated by participants will default to "[name of the template] - [name of the event]".
    • Select when the Certificate link will be made available to participants.
    • Enter CPE hours as desired.
    • Click Save.


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