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To manage the network diagrams associated with a template:

  1. On the Manage Templates page, select the Template Name link of the template you wish to edit.

  2. Click Edit Topology.

    The Topology Page displays. From here you can Add New or Copy a network topology diagram to the template. Once a network topology is added, you can Edit or Delete the topology from the template.

Add New
  1. On the Topology Page, click the New .
    The New Topology dialog displays.
  2. Browse to the topology diagram.
  3. Click Save.

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  1. On the Topology Page, click the Copy icon .
    The Copy Topology dialog displays.
  2. From the Role drop-down list, select a role.
  3. Click Copy.

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  1. On the Topology Page, click the Edit icon .
    The Topology Edit Page displays.
  2. From here you can add a topology for the Instructor / Student as needed by browsing to a topology on your computer, define hotspots for the systems available, and activate the diagram.  Activating the diagram changes its status to Active  on the Topology page.
  3. Once your modifications are completed, click Save.

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  1. On the Topology Page, click the Delete icon .
    The Delete Topology dialog displays.
  2. Click Delete.

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