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More info:

  • Use a fast Internet connection. 100KB/sec (KiloBytes per second) is best. 50KB/sec is a minimum. 
  • A Byte is 8 bits. 10 bits/Byte is a close approximation, and it estimates some overhead and error correction.
  • In classroom settings with multiple users the bandwidth requirement is cumulative. For example, the minimum classroom bandwidth for a class of 10 users sharing an Internet connection is:
    • 10 x 50KB/sec = 500KB/sec (500 Kilo Bytes per second).
    • This may also be expressed as 5Mbps (5 Million bits per second.)
  • For optimal results use a wired connection. Avoid wireless (Wi-Fi).
  • VPNs, corporate firewalls and network congestion will degrade lab machine performance.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Determining the network latency and bandwidth between your PC and your lab machine.

(tick) Run System Checker

For optimal performance, network latency should be < 125 ms.
If your latency is greater than 125ms, you may experience degraded performance or connection reliability issues.

2. Experiencing slow performance while connected through a VPN

(tick) Try launching your virtual lab PC without using the VPN connection.

(tick) Try using a different internet connection (example: from home).

3. Not using a VPN connection, but still experiencing slowness.

(tick) Ensure you are using a wired connection. (Wi-Fi commonly results in substandard performance)

(tick) Try using a different internet connection (example: from home).

I have performed all the troubleshooting steps above and still experience slowness:

For further help, please contact our Support Team by clicking here


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