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This page will walk you through the requirements needed to be setup, how to download & install VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and finally how to convert your physical computer to a virtual machine.


Mandatory requirements on the physical computer prior to be converted:

Requirements:How to set the requirement:
Username with Administrator rights

Verify / Change your username rights in: Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts\Manage Accounts

  • Note: If you do not have permissions to change your username to "administrator rights", please talk to your IT Administrator.
Internet connectivity

Only to:

  • download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
  • upload your virtual machine to Hatsize
Disk Space

You should have enough disk space on your computer to save the virtual machine during conversion

  • This will vary depending on how much data is actually on the computer you are converting.



Downloading & Installing the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone:

  1. There are 2 options to get VMware vCenter Converter 5.5.3:
    1. Ask Hatsize to load the installer through Hatsize SFTP server, so that you can just download the installer directly.
    2. Go to to download "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.5.3 (English)"
      1. You need to either login or create an account with VMware (it's free).
  2. Once you have downloaded the installer, right-click the installer called: "VMware-converter-en-5.5.3-2183569" and select "Run as administrator"
  3. At the "Welcome to the Installation Wizard for VMware vCenter Converter Standalone" screen, press Next
  4. At the "End-User Patent Agreement" screen, press Next
  5. At the "End-User License Agreement" screen, select "I agree to the terms in the License Agreement" and then press Next
  6. At the "Destination Folder" screen, press Next
  7. At the "Setup Type", select "Local installation" screen, press Next
  8. At the "Ready to Install" screen, press Install
  9. After the installation is done, press Finish.

How to convert your physical computer to a virtual machine:

  1. Ensure you meet all the requirements mentioned in Mandatory requirements on the physical computer prior to be converted
  2. If not already opened, right-click on "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client" and select "Run as administrator"

  3. Inside "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone", select the button "Convert machine"

  4. On the "Source System" screen, select the followings:
    1. Select source type: Powered-on machine
    2. Select "This local machine"
    3. Press Next
  5. On the "Destination System" screen, select the followings:
    1. Select destination type: VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine
    2. Select VMware product: VMware Workstation 10.0.x
    3. Virtual machine details: enter the name you want to call your virtual machine
    4. Select a location for the virtual machine: you can either type in the path or use "Browse" to find where you want the virtual machine to be saved
      1. (thumbs up) It is highly recommended to make a folder for it since multiple files will be created and having them in the same folder is more practical.
    5. Press Next

  6. On the "Options" screen, unless you are familiar with VMware products, you can just leave the defaults settings and press Next
  7. On the "Summary" screen, press Finish
  8. The virtualization of your computer will start and be shown under tasks - the time taken for this task will vary depending on the amount of data on the computer

Once the conversion is done, your new virtual machine will be found at the path / location you provided for the destination. (smile)

(tick) For the next step on how to upload your new virtual machine to Hatsize, please see: Uploading Lab Images

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