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Guidelines for Uploading VM(s) to Hatsize

Acceptable VM formats

The following VM formats are acceptable for uploading to Hatsize: 

  • VMware compatible format, such as:
    • ovf / ova (preferred format)
    • vmdk / vmx
  • Disk type should be set to SCSI rather than IDE 
    • Better performance 
  • Files can be zipped (one big zip file or multi-part zip 

Note: Please collapse your snapshots prior to uploading your VM(s)

Other information you need to provide us 

  1. Usernames and passwords for each VM. 

  2. Will the same VM(s) be used for students and instructor? 

  3. Should the VMs have access to the internet? 

  4. Network diagram explaining how the VMs should connect to each other. 

  5. Should we adjust the number of CPUs and RAM amount for the VM? a. If so, provide requested specs. 

  6. Any special requirements, such as, but not limited to:
    •  Static MAC address 
    • Order the VMs should be powered on 
    • VMs that should only be powered on when a class starts. 
    • Etc. 

SFTP server info

Upload VM(s) using your favorite SFTP client with the following

  • SFTP Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Credentials provided by Hatsize team
  • Upload to /datadir

Working with Filezilla and SFTP

Instructions for setting up a Filezilla client for SFTP 

  1. Open Filezilla -> click File -> Click Site Manager

2. Now fill the next window with the information provided to you.

    • Make sure to change protocol to SFTP as seen below.
    • Replace the User: and Password: fields with the credentials provided to you.

3. Now click connect and you will be prompted to accept a host key. Click to Always trust this host.

4. You should now be able to drag and drop files to the datadir located on the right bottom panel.

Reconnecting to an already setup SFTP site

  1. Click on down arrow highlighted below then click Hatsize Learning Corporation
  2. You should now be connected.
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