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To create a new template, click Create New from the Lab Configurations page.


If you require a template with lab functionality, we highly recommend you contact your Hatsize representative.

The New Template page displays:


For additional details about the template lab configurations, hover over the icon and information will appear.

  1. In the Name field, enter a name for the new template.

  2. For Status, select Active to use the lab configuration in production.  Select Inactive to "hide" the lab configuration.
  3. In the Course drop-down, select the course name.

  4. In the Pod Group drop-down, select the pod group.

To determine what other components to enable, refer to the Options in the table below.

Change Resolution

Select Enabled to set the lab user's Available Resolutions and Default Resolution.

Spread Across PodsDeploys the events created with this template to one or more pods.
Multi-SessionWhen enabled, allows scheduling labs with multiple sessions, such as Mon, Wed, Fri.  If disabled, labs will run continuously from start to end.  Disabled by default.
View DeploymentDisplay a Deployment Info link on the Training Schedule page. The link displays a page with technical information on the pods/gateways on which the systems were deployed.
Instructor Advanced StartAllows the instructor to start the enter the event prior to the start time.
Desktop Client

Select HTML5 Only from the drop-down list.


If HTML5 has been enabled as a Desktop Client, select the following options:

  • Enable Audio Support (for RDP systems)
  • Enable File Transfer.  See File Transfer.
Show All ThumbnailsWhen enabled, it will cause thumbnails of hidden student systems to be displayed to the instructor.  Set to Disabled by default
Access to VM ClipboardSelect enabled to allow user to copy text between local and hothost.
Default Lab DurationDefault lab configuration session duration (create and try).

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