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  • We do not sell or otherwise distribute user information to third parties.
  • We will not use your email for marketing purposes.
  • We will only send you email necessary to use the services you request. This may include emails from Hatsize regarding your upcoming Virtual Lab training sessions

    In order to receive emails from Hatsize, you must first consent to receive emails. Hatsize will send you an email asking you to opt in. 

    • Confirmation Emails from Hatsize contain information about accessing virtual lab services you purchased or otherwise receive from our customers that provide you with training/elearning services.
    • We will send you an email asking you to consent to receive further emails from Hatsize.
    • If you choose not to receive email from Hatsize by opting out, or you do not respond at all, then you will not receive Virtual Lab virtual training lab enrollment information emails, or event reminders.

    In order for users to get most emails from Hatsize, their account needs to be consented to receiving emails. You may do the following to Opt-in/out for emails:


    • reminder emails from Hatsize.
    • If you opt out of emails, we will send you password reset emails if you request it, and automated reports that you request to receive by email.
    • Hatsize does not sell or otherwise distribute user information to third parties and we don't use your email for marketing purposes either. Our privacy policy is here



    If you did not receive an email from Hatsize asking you to opt in (or if you previously opted out and changed your mind and want to opt in now), you can change your email settings as follows:

    1. Opt in or out from Account Details:
      1. Login to the Hatsize Web Portal.
      2. Hover over your username in the top right corner and select Account Details.
      3. From here you can select whether or not to receive emails.
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    2. Edit User Page
      1. Go to User Management -> Users -> Select user
      2. From this page you may now select whether or not the user will receive emails.
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    3. EmailsOpt in or out from Emails:
      • You will be presented with a
    1. subscribe/unsubscribe button depending on if your account is opted-in or out.

    Users who have opted out of emails will still receive Password Reset and Automated Report emails regardless on whether they're opted in or out.

    • In the Password Reset email you may choose to opt-out of emails
    • If an existing user has not opted in or out, we will only send an opt in email when/if we try and send them some other email.
      • <Subscribe> / <Unsubscribe> links in footer of emails you receive from Hatsize.